The UBC Psychology Clinic offers comprehensive psychological services. Our clinical services are provided by graduate students from UBC’s doctoral programme in clinical psychology. Student clinicians are closely supervised by Registered Psychologists from our faculty and the community.

Most of our services are offered in the form of individual therapy, however, group treatment may also be offered depending on the frequency of referrals for particular problems.

Assessment and treatment services are offered every weekday between September and April. Our services may be offered on a limited basis from May to August.

Services we don’t offer
Our Clinic is not able to provide psychiatric or emergency services or services where there is a risk of frequent or severe crisis or involvement with the law. We do not provide services for the following:

  • Couples therapy
  • Assessments for legal issues (e.g., capacity, child custody and access)
  • Treatment for eating disorders
  • Treatment for severe substance abuse/dependence
  • Treatment for severe mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder)
  • Difficulties that are associated with a high risk of legal involvement (e.g., violence, criminal behaviour)
  • Difficulties that are associated with frequent and/or severe crises (e.g., actively suicidal and unable to assure safety)