Our treatment services, including an initial assessment, are billed on a sliding scale ranging from:

  • $15-50/session for individual therapy
  • $10-50/session for group therapy.

Our psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments are billed as a one-time fee on a sliding scale ranging from:

  • $360-$1000/psychoeducational assessment.
  • $360-$1000/comprehensive neuropsychological assessment
  • $200-$750/ abbreviated neuropsychological assessment

The fee will be discussed at your first visit and will be assigned based on your gross annual household income before applicable taxes. Please submit payments to the Clinic assistant prior to each session. Payments can be made via cash or cheque (made out to UBC Psychology Clinic). In the case that you will be paying by cash, please have the exact cash amount as we do not issue change.