What Does the Referral Process Look Like?

Step 1: Phone Screen

Once you call the Clinic, we will schedule a 30-45 minute phone screening with one of the Clinic graduate students. The purpose of this screening is to determine whether the services that we offer are likely to be a good match for the difficulty with which you would like help. If it seems that our services are a good match you will be added to our waitlist.

Step 2: Waitlist and Alternate Resources

A senior graduate student will follow up with clients on their waitlist status. You will also be provided with some suitable alternate resources within a few weeks that you can pursue if you choose. Our Clinic is a highly specialized training facility and we do not have a traditional waitlist where you are added to the bottom and at some point are guaranteed to reach the top of the list and receive treatment. Instead, people are added to the waitlist and student therapists select someone from the list who has the specific types of difficulties that they are providing treatment for at that particular time. For this reason, we cannot provide estimates of how long the wait will be and we cannot guarantee that you will receive treatment.

Step 3: Offered Services

Once a student therapist has determined they are able to offer you our services, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for an initial assessment. After this initial session, you can discuss the possibility of treatment with your therapist and, if appropriate, start therapy.